Apple’s iOS 6 is available for download to many devices

Posted By on September 19, 2012


Ahead of the “hopeful” Friday delivery of a new gadget, the iPhone 5, I figured I’d give the new Apple iOS 6 a try on my iPad2. The download was made available this afternoon, but was a bit slow … which is no double due to it being 561 MB and that a “couple” other downloads are probably going on – huh, who knew people wanted to upgrade?

ios6It does look like the new iOS has some great improvements, but that decision will have to wait until I give it a workout. For now … it is available for those wanting to download it. I’m somewhat concerned with the Maps app and giving up on Google Maps but the turn by turn and Siri will be appreciated. For me the Facebook integration is just “ho-hum” but I’m looking forward to a better and faster Safari browser and email app. The VIP feature is intriguing. More later.


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