What “buying votes” in a swing state looks like

Posted By on September 20, 2012

I’m an advocate for using recycled cooking oil and non-feedstocks (and surplus soybean, etc.) to produce biodiesel fuels and am particularly fond of algae based biodiesel fuels as an entirely new renewable industry. It is one that can create tens of thousands of jobs as well obamathroughforbiodieselas utilize our desert areas in this country for biodiesel production … but I am not happy when it becomes part of the campaign strategy in an election year. A perfect example is the Obama administration “courting” votes in Iowa by using the EPA to mandate favorable changes for select industries; it just plain sickens me to see the way the skids are greased when it comes to politics and buying votes – regardless of party.

Obama comes through for biodiesel

Iowa’s renewable energy industry picked up a big win Friday when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved a 28 percent increase in the amount of biodiesel mandated for use in the nation’s trucks in 2013.

The president of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Brad Albin, who also is a vice president of Ames-based biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group, said “I want to thank President Obama and his staff for listening to our concerns and recognizing the value and potential of America’s Advanced Biofuel—biodiesel”

Albin had visited the White House in June to press the case for biodiesel producers, who have experienced uneven growth after their industry was launched a decade ago …



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