The DNC is finding it challenging to unite on a platform

Posted By on September 6, 2012

This year at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the liberal wing of the party hit a little resistance from within their own party as they continued to push “change” in a direction that was a bit “too far, too fast.”  They have made gains in uniting around gay marriage and government healthcare with moderate Dems, obamaclintonhug120905but encountered resistant by excluding God and where Democrats stand on the capital of Israel.

The platform, in keeping with a “progressive” push, decided to exclude references to “God” as well as their written support that Jerusalem be recognized as the capital of the Jewish State of Israel.

Initial questioning as to why the Democrats excluded these words was brought to light by the media and in particular a heated exchange between Sen. Dick Durbin and Bret Baier of Fox News.  Shortly after the hubbub the Democratic  leaders (prompted by President Obama), decided to bring the issue to the floor and amend the platform –  it did not go as planned (video below).

The entire fiasco spotlights how liberal Democrats are “changing” America and moving in a direction different from those who want to keep the traditional and biblical values as part of our culture. This most recent exclusion of words highlight the liberal agenda as well as many of those that have already been achieved. Most “change” is 180-degrees from ones many of Americans embrace and see as part of our heritage. Liberal Democrats are treading on values that are core for many Americans and it makes me wonder just “how far and how fast” they can push their version of “change?”


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