The burnout is safe. Jay Leno drives the 2012 Tesla Model S

Posted By on October 30, 2012


The Tesla S could be the car which convince a few more anti-EVers to give electric vehicles a second look. I’m not saying that I’m given up gas and diesel cars or hybrid options, but I can see that the future for EV is bright.

When car guys like Jay Leno can justify having an electric vehicle as a daily driver (and rumbling internal combustion car for the weekends), I could see myself driving one of these too. I’ll disagree with Jay on the “range is not really and issue with this car” comment, only because a few of us do still need to drive more than 300 miles between charges, but as the around town, this is Testa S is great if you have the money.  Oh, and the geek in me sure loves that center display – shown about halfway through the video below.


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