The Davis MegaLight as a backup anchor light

Posted By on January 25, 2013

davismegalightanchorIn order to resolve my ongoing “up the mast” electrical issues when it come to anchor lights, I’ve picked up a portable low-draw 12 volt anchor light for Encore. The Davis MegaLight gets reasonable reviews from those needing a simple way to be legal when mooring or anchoring their boats.

According to the information, the draw is “about 1 amp-hour per night” and has an automatic light sensor to turn the anchor light on and off. I’ve been testing it at home and it unfortunately requires bright daylight in order to turn off … which leave it on quite a few extra hours if it is not manually disconnected. The cord is also a bit short (15 ft) for my use, but it is suppose to be bright enough to be seen the legal 2 nautical miles … dubious??? My plan is to hoist it up the babystay as high as the cord will permit and use it for a low-draw back up anchor light.

Mega Light Utility

Mega-Light energy efficient lights consume very little current. At just 0.110 amps (approximately 1/10th amp), battery discharge is about one amp hour in a 12-hour period. Your batteries will hardly know it’s on.

Mega-Light Utility features a light sensor that automatically switches on at dusk and off at dawn. It sports a dual-function Fresnel lens that projects light for up to two nautical miles (3.7 km).

Comes with two easy-to-change light bulbs. One bayonet-type bulb draws just 0.110 amps and can be seen for up to two nautical miles (3.7 km). The other bayonet bulb draws 0.320 amps (approximately 3/10th amps) and is more than twice as bright. Includes a standard lighter plug and 15 foot (4.5 m) cord with easy hanger.

PDF Instructions | Replacement parts


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