The Apple HDTV or the Apple iWatch – which is better?

Posted By on April 9, 2013


With Apple struggling to keep its stock price from dipping any lower (although it really doesn’t look like they care), analysts and tech watchers speculate that there will be an Apple HDTV offering and a less expensive (cheaper) iPhone, but who knows what the new product(s) will be?

I’m in the camp that sees the iWatch as the best next must have gadget, primarily because of the potential sales volume and higher profit margin potential on a percentage basis. Watches have also traditionally been brand conscious, trendy and are even accepted status items when it comes to wearable style … and I suspect that Apple shareholders would be pleased with sales of a high margin watch rather than a high priced and far more complex TV. Long term, I do think an improved television interface would give Apple a product for the decade. Back to the watch though, even if the watch was priced high at $300, Apple would sell a bunch … if at $200 it would even take market share away from the new Kickstarter Pebble watch (so as long as the iWatch doesn’t fail like Apple Maps!). See Bloomberg.

I’m hoping that Apple doesn’t disappoint and will get both products right … if so, the stock which is currently trading for $430/share could hand investors a double within a very short time.



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