Sailing south for the hurricane season, but cutting it close

Posted By on July 8, 2013

It’s the perfect time to share a short shared video from Brittany, Scott and Isla, a couple Internet sailing friends, on their way south in order to be out of the track of most hurricanes this time of year. They are without a doubt one of the most envied young sailing families with a strong following and terrific blog.

After making a few adjustments to their routine (a one-plus year old baby, need anymore be said?), and acquiring a new larger boat – Asante, a Brewer 44 – they set off from Florida via the Bahamas in order be in Grenada by the time tropical storms and hurricanes normally make their through the Caribbean. This year has been weather-safe so far, but tropical weather doesn’t really heat up until late summer and early autumn after the waters are really warm. That said, June is the beginning of hurricane season and tropical storm Chantal is heading east, so Brittany and Scott are watching the projected path while in an anchorage a bit north of their destination. According to a recent post and tweets, they are preparing and setting a second hook, while hoping for a “fizzle” of a storm.



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