Latest WordPress upgrade to 3.6 and plug in changes

Posted By on August 4, 2013

housekeepingIt has been a few years since the automatic update from failed on my server … and only after the fact did I regret not doing a full backup prior to attempting the update (really, I’m posting just to see that all is working after the upgrade). After downloading the new install files and upgrading manually, all is now fine. Having to rebuild a few things also gave me the opportunity to root around and clean up some files, optimize the database  (and do a full back up) as well as cleaning out some lessor used plugins. ALL was overdue since I’ve been neglecting this basic blog housekeeping. 

It is interesting to see what is being search for while within the blog from the new to me Relevanssi Search plugin after recently switching from using Google within

Last 7 days
Query # Hits
donna lange 124 36
jessica watson 98 20
palm pre 84 80
earthrace 55 25
volkswagen jetta tdi 46 119
slingplayer treo 45 61
register 44 25
solar rally 34 91
hawaii 31 43
back porch 29 28
sunoco 29 27
biodiesel algae 27 66
treo 700p 27 74
sunoco biodiesel 26 76
“donna lange” 25 34
sunoco biodiesel 151 25 78
exit 151 24 38
john kerry strike 22 76
honda fcx 21 50
porch 17 28


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