How to tell if you are mechanically inclined (semi-edited)

Posted By on September 9, 2013

myscrewdriversI chuckled when I saw this top ten list appear in a hands-on automotive forum (there were more than 10, but I shortened it). It is pretty accurate.
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  1. Wherever you go, you hear your wife say "let my husband help you fix that."
  2. You have many tools (and multiple toolboxes), including special service tools for tasks you’ve done just once. But the only tools you usually use are adjustable wrenches, a couple of old humble looking screwdrivers and a pair of pliers your father (grandfather) gave you.
  3. Your favorite possession is a Leatherman that you received for Christmas. Nothing says love like the gift of tools.
  4. There is a very large box in the corner of your garage filled with miscellaneous fasteners. It used to be a baby food jar, then it was a jam jar, then a pickle jar. Now it takes a very large container to hold all the nuts and bolts you’ve accumulated.
  5. You can reach into that box of parts and come up with exactly the right fastener, by feel.
  6. Nothing gets thrown out unless you strip it for fasteners, motors, sheet  metal, tubing and switches. No matter how much of this stuff you have, it’s  never enough.
  7. You know the horsepower, torque and axle ratio of every car you’ve ever  owned.
  8. You never take notes when you disassemble something. You always get it back
    together, without any leftovers
    . Sometimes, you make something new from the parts, just for fun. (whoops!)
  9. No matter how you scrub, the black won’t come off your fingers. Corollary: it won’t come off the couch either.
  10. You have a collection of bottled gasses … as well as a few that aren’t in bottles that should never be released indoors.
  11. If it can’t be fixed by welding, epoxy or duct tape … it can’t be fixed. (I just added that one!)


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