A day with my dad in Sidney Ohio at the Applefest and Carshow

Posted By on September 8, 2013


My dad and I enjoyed the day together doing something we both enjoy – looking at cars and being together. As usual, he took his 1958 Packard Hawk to the Shelby County Applefest in downtown Sidney Ohio on Saturday and wondered if I was going to enter my Mercedes Benz 300D Turbodiesel this year. I laughed at the idea since its my daily driver and not a show car … but after realizing that there wasn’t a single Mercedes in the town or in the fairly large showing … I might consider it next year?

Panorama of downtown Sidney Ohio during the Applefest and Carshow (more photos below)

DadC_Applefest_Sidney130907 DadC_CarshowRegTable130907

Dad (Bud Corbett) by his 1958 Packard Hawk and at the registration table above.


A little info on the rare 1958 Packard Hawk …


Type: Cast iron 90° V8, Silver Light dish-type pistons

Displacement: 289 cubic inches

Bore X stroke: 3.56 X 3.63 inches

Compression ratio: 7.5:1

Power @ rpm: 275 hp (205 kW) @ 4,800 rpm

Torque @ rpm: 333 lb·ft (451 N·m) @ 3,200 rpm

Valvetrain: In-head valves, solid lifters

Main bearings: 5

Ignition: Delco-Remy breaker-point

Fuel system: 2-bbl Stromberg 380475 downdraft carburetor, McCulloch supercharger, 5 p.s.i. max

Lubrication system: Full-pressure, gear-driven

Electrical system: 12-volt, 30 amperes

Exhaust system: Cast iron, dual exhaust



Type: Borg-Warner Flightomatic automatic

Ratios: 1st: 2.40:1

2nd: 1.47:1

3rd: 1.0:1

Reverse: 2.0:1



Type: Semi-floating hypoid, Twin-Traction Spicer-Thornton limited slip

Ratio: 3.31:1



Type: Power assist, Saginaw recirculating ball

Ratio: 19.2:1

Turns, lock-to-lock: 4.5

Turning circle: 41 feet



Type: Four wheel, power-assist Wagner hydraulic

Front: Cast-iron finned drum, 11 X 2.5 inches

Rear: Cast-iron drum, 10 X 2 inches

Swept area: 172.8 square inches


Chassis & Body

Construction: All-steel, box section, double-drop side rails, 5 crossmembers

Body style: Two-door, five passenger hardtop, soft top prototype

Layout: Front engine, rear-wheel drive



Front: Individual unequal-length upper and lower control arms, coil springs, hydraulic shocks, anti-sway bar

Rear: Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs, hydraulic shocks


Wheels & Tires

Wheels: Kelsey-Hays tubeless 5-lug stamped steel

Front/rear: 5.5 X 14 inches

Tires: Classic bias-ply

Front/rear: 8.00 X 14 inches


Weights & Measures

Wheelbase: 120.5 inches

Overall length: 205.2 inches

Overall width: 71.3 inches

Overall height: 54.6 inches

Front track: 56.7 inches

Rear track: 55.7 inches

Shipping weight: 3,470 pounds



Crankcase: 5 quarts

Cooling system: 17 quarts[vague]

Fuel tank: 18 gallons[vague]

Transmission: 19 pints[vague]

Calculated Data

Bhp per c.i.d.: 0.95

Weight per bhp: 12.62 pounds



0-60 mph: 12.0 seconds

¼ mile ET: 16.7 seconds @ 82.3 mph

Top speed: 125 mph

Fuel mileage: 12 mpg city, 20 mpg highway


1958 Packard Hawk: 588 (est 250 restored or under restoration)



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