Holding our breath: National Fellowship match day is here.

Posted By on December 4, 2013

fellowshipmatchdayWe are anxiously waiting to find out where Drew and Katelyn will be living next year, but more importantly … I suppose [grin] … which Hematology fellowship program my son-in-law will be in. After talking with him about each of the interviews, there are pluses for each medical program (of course he’s a positive guy). Personally I’d like to see them stay within a 4 hour drive from home, but Katelyn thinks a move out of their comfort zone would be an exciting adventure  … I understand that and am actually a little envious.

On a comical note, my nephew Justin (a Gastroenterologist) in Minneapolis has been pulling for his University of Minnesota program and he threatened to sabotage Drew’s other options with anonymous phone calls. We all had a great laugh. (EDIT: update below)

  • Hematology focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disorders affecting the blood, bone marrow, immunologic, and hemostatic/vascular systems.  Additional information can be found through the American Society of Hematology at www.hematology.org.
    • Applicants must have completed a residency in Internal Medicine
    • Hematology fellowships are two years in length

12:01PMDrew “matched” in Minneapolis!  I think that great, but it isn’t quite as convenient as north or central Ohio? Hmm, if we drive to see Taylor in North Dakota we will now have a reason to stop in Minneapolis.


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