An energy saving improvement and a night light option

Posted By on December 5, 2013

newvold_ledI purchased a new 12 watt LED bulb for reading(larger bulb in left of photo) that promised to offer a few more “soft but bright” lumens from my chair side lamp. I “was” using two Cree LED bulbs (smaller bulb in left photo), but the light output still wasn’t comparable to a good three-way incandescent bulb.  There have been improvements in LED bulbs in the last few years and I’m committed to using them going forward … but the choice has pretty much been taken away … thanks to our “big brother” government. Of course dictating light bulbs, CO2 emissions and car efficiency numbers all pale in comparison to Obama dictating our health care … but I digress. Back to light bulbs. What I like about the new brighter and larger evenly nightlightIMG_2351lit LED “reading” light bulb is that it would put off an excellent light IF used in a desk lamp. Unfortunately it still doesn’t produce enough bright light from a table lamp without keeping one of the Cree bulb in the twin socket (TIP: if you are trying to switch to LEDs and CFLs, try a twin socket adapter for better light).

Speaking of lights, I’m not sure where the night light (photo on right) is sold, but thought it was pretty creative.


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