America is ready for a William F. Buckley revival

Posted By on February 27, 2014

wfb1925-2008It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since the death of the renown conservative thinker and writer William F. Buckley; where have the years gone?

I posted back in 2008, that his work played a significant role in my life when it came to my political philosophy, business, personal interests and even some of my personality. Along with a handful of other people, I credit … and blame … him for the direction and path I took in life.

My parents of course were influential, my grandfather (namesake) who died before I was 10, a singer/songwriter and sailor (JB) encouraged my socially conscientious, a youth pastor (MK) who taught me to sail as a teenager and helped instill my faith and values … and William F. Buckley, Jr … more from 2/27/2008

Mr. Buckley, you are missed, but fondly remembered by those of us who adopted the descriptor “Buckley Conservative” in the 1970’s and helped spur the Reagan Revolution of the 80’s. Conservatives believe in traditional American values such as personal freedom, smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, and a strong military … the opposite of what we see happening under an Obama administration today. Ronald Reagan in particular embodied these philosophies and achieved peace through strength in defeating communism. The United States came out of its slumber during the Reagan presidency and the result was the longest period of peacetime prosperity in our history. This solid foundation laid the groundwork for entrepreneurs to create jobs and build businesses. Unleashing free enterprise and our capital markets helped create unsurpassed expansion and technological advancements that made and currently still makes America and her people exceptional.

For those who don’t know, or haven’t hear William F. Buckley articulate conservative philosophies, here’s a 3+ minute snippet from a debate with George McGovern at Southeast Missouri State University in 1997. 

  Snippet of William F. Buckley debating George McGovern (mp3) | 5/10/1997

Study a little history and look at what you see in Washington DC today as you ponder our nation’s future before you vote for representatives later this year.

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