Praise for Duke Energy’s use of information technology

Posted By on April 29, 2014

dukeenergysmartphone140428Rarely do we talk about near monopolies, government agencies or utility companies in a positive way when it comes to servicing their captive market or hostage customer … where else can we go? We shouldn’t be surprised since where there is little competition, there isn’t the same motivation to excel with customer service as when business is a bit more competitive.

BUT … Duke Energy has exceeded expectations with their online customer services. Our bill and usage data is now online and archived for comparison … and last night I realized that their mobile phone optimized website was well done. The power to our house went out about 7:30 PM and after firing up the generator (good chance to keep it running), I checked to see if our outage had been reported. I fully intended to “call,” but the mobile site was easy to use and linked immediately to check any reported outages. Besides being able to report online, there on the map was our outage with all the information. Very impressive. Kudos to Duke-Energy … and to their full browser friendly website too.



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