Looking for a few investment ideas – CVS but not SiriusXM

Posted By on June 12, 2014


It is getting easier and easier to stream a variety of content while driving from my iPhone using BT to my car radio nowadays … even in my older Mercedes 300D (to a newer radio). At one time SiriusXM was the way to get uninterrupted news unlimiteddataand content while driving longer distances with limited Slingbox streaming, but since most interstates are well covered by cellphone data now (and Sprint offers unlimited data), streaming has been nearly cvs_charttodate140612flawless for me in Ohio (and actually not bad back and forth to Florida). My personal thought is that as a longterm investment idea, $SIRI isn’t looking that great.

CVS Caremark ($CVS) on the other hand while down almost 2% today closing at $75.98, has a much more promising long term model. Solid earnings and financials, seasoned business model and management, an aging population along with healthcare reform (Obamacare) that works in their favor should continue the profitable trend … at least that is what analysts like USAA’s  John Toohey said on TheStreet.com. On a more personal observation, the CVS location in our area are busy and the customer service focus and efficiency measure being implemented are making a difference at the store level. Having more overall business is good news the retail drugstore industry even as they compete with each other, but particularly good news for those companies like CVS who seem to be rock steady in running their business.

* Full disclosure: I have a SiriusXM radio, Sprint cellphone contract (soon out of
contract and looking around) and my wife works for CVS


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