Sling Media ‘beta’ for Palm OS available

Posted By on March 29, 2007


For gadget lovers, “Slinging” on the move with a Palm device is now a reality and is pretty impressive! I’m testing the beta release of Slingmedia‘s Palm OS version of the Slingplayer software and it is absolutely fantastic. I’m using the Sprint EV-DO service as my carrier and running the Slingplayer Mobile on my Treo 700p. I expected shaky performance since it was on a cellphone, but instead was shocked at the solid connectivity, lack of pausing, excellent sound and sharp picture. (although watching much more than a news clip isn’t my idea of enjoyment with such a small screen. I can’t imagine trying to watch sports?)

For my first real test I drove to Columbus from Cincinnati on Wednesday morning and watched (but mostly listened … I was driving guys!) President Bush deliver his comments on a new Iraq Spending Bill (plus pork) all tied to a withdrawl time table being sent to him by congress. (whoops … that’s for another post … back on track Rich!) I heard the entire speech without missing a word … and in fact the Slingplayer software and Sprint connection ran flawlessly for over an hour as I drove. It wasn’t until about Jeffersonville on I-71 (halfway to Columbus) that the connection shifted from the higher speed EV-DO rates down to standard Sprint cellphone speed (see Sprint Map). Even then, as long as I switched to only audio the connection stayed solid until a interrupting phone call came in … and I didn’t reconnect since I needed my battery to make it through the day. Concerning the battery — the drain was relatively heavy in the video mode, as I used one half my Seido high capacity 2400mAh battery in about an hour. I had already taken energy saving measures as since it was raining and overcast I could comfortably dim the screen to about 1/3; I normally keep it a tick about 1/2. I would recommend using a 12volt adapter or AC power if significant TV is going to be watched.
Smartphone dongleThe iGrip Flexible mount holds the Treo 700p nicely and using the Stereo Adapter dongle allows me to port the audio through my cars radio. Works well but would rather not have to have a bunch of wires and cassette adapter. (tried an FM modulator with questionable results)

Conclusion: My first day of ‘Slinging’ on a Treo was successful and I have no reservation recommending it to those with high data rate cell service. Keep in mind the battery use and if you are waiting for one of those ‘thinner’ Palm OS phones do keep in mind the smaller batteries. Nevertheless, I think the Slingplayer running on the Treo is just plain cool … at least until the newness of this gadget wears off.


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