Busy, busy, busy … with Taylor up in Williston, ND

Posted By on July 20, 2014


After our visit with Katelyn and Drew in Minneapolis ( 7/18 & 7/19), we flew up to Williston, North Dakota to see Taylor. Flight and weather were great and after dinner our first night we stopped at Taylor’s Williams County Zoning and Planning office (below) and took an evening hike along the levy east of town (above). Great view and enjoyable conversation. We do miss being closer.

TaylorsOffice Sunset140718


On Saturday we roamed a bit further and he gave us a taste of what his “site visits” are like in a few areas being developed in the county. Beautiful area … even with the many, many oil rigs and wells peppering the prairies and farm fields.

Sitevisitview140720 TB_sitevisitview140720


SiteVisit_Wilder140720 OilWellBakkan140819 CactusWilliamsCty140719

For Saturday dinner we took Taylor and one of his friends (also “Taylor”) out to a nice local steakhouse called the Williston Brewing Co. Great food and taxidermy.


On Sunday we headed to the next town with “shopping” options, Minot, ND, and picked up a few items for Taylor (called it an early Christmas) and enjoyed a lunch at Olive Garden (chains restaurants are somewhat a luxury for those living a distance from a larger city).


For those of you connected with me by Facebook, I’ve added a few more personal family photos and video.


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