Clean Diesel Technologies granted new patent

Posted By on November 5, 2014

Diesel exhaust treatment technology has vastly improved diesel engine emissions over the past decade along with ULSD fuels, but the technology is costly primarily due to rare earth metals. According to a press release yesterday, Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc $CDTI announced new proprietary Spinel™ technology will replace the use of platinum type metals in catalytic products.

This is CDTi’s first public announcement regarding Spinel technology, the development of which has been kept confidential until now.

About Spinel

  • A family of proprietary materials using various base metals that replace costly platinum group metals (PGMs) and rare earth metals in coatings on standard catalytic converters
  • Works across a wide range of engine and vehicle applications – both diesel and gasoline
  • Advanced testing underway on production models of popular passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles at respected independent vehicle test facilities

Spinel Significance and Benefits

  • Potentially saves OEMs billions of dollars by cutting out expensive platinum group metals and rare earth metals
  • Currently OEMs spend over $6 billion a year on PGMs (source:Derived from Johnson Matthey PLC)
  • Enables early, cost-effective compliance with stricter emissions standards in the U.S. and around the world
  • Mitigates OEM exposure to extreme price volatility in the PGM and rare earth markets

See Full Press Release


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