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Posted By on January 15, 2015

CubicCB1008BRWoodStove2While posting a few bits on Facebook this weekend, I ran across a January  “sale” for Cubic Mini Woodstove sized for RVs and boats. I’ve entertained the idea before and concluded that a small propane fired bulkhead stove aboard Encore would be the best way to warm up the cabin, but there is something attractive and cozy about a little woodstoves. I suspect everyone thinks that way until they get real about installing, hauling wood, tending and cleaning soot of the decks. I might be premature in mentioning “soot” but from my experience in heating our home when we live in Hudson, Ohio I suspect there is a bit more smoke than propane or even a diesel fired stove?

Anyway there are a few more items vying for the few 2015 boat dollars this year so the Cubic Mini Woodstove will get filed under the “archive” category.



I made and inquiry about size in order to check on the space in front of our salon table … just in case I opt for one.

door2 door1
PDF diagram for installation size with shield and a PDF front view



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