A visit with a friend had me reminiscing about other friends

Posted By on November 18, 2011

Our old house and 5 acres of property on Stow Road in Hudson Ohio

On my trip to NE Ohio this week I had both the chance to enjoy dinner with my daughter in Columbus (always a pleasure) and meeting with Mark Goloback, an old friend from when we lived in Hudson, Ohio. I recently mentioned the passing of his father here, but haven’t really made the time to see him since his father’s death. He is a good friend and our long lunch was worthwhile. We agreed that we should make an effort to do it a couple times a year, but I’ve sadly made those promises before.

kamikaze_vw_bug_1977The time with Mark also had me thinking about the recent reconnection with my old high school friend Charlie “Kamakaze” Matthews (photo from our trip to the Florida Keys in 1977). We recently re-connected due to charlesmatthewssmhis name popping up on the LinkedIn social networking site. Ever since, we’ve been exchanging email on our joint passion for sailing and common dream. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to meet face to face someday soon and do some sailing too!

Speaking of sailing … Fatty Goodlander posted this photo which had me thinking about a phrase that lovers of sailing use: “A bad day sailing beats a good day any place else.” I think a couple exceptions need to be added! Ouch!



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