Wouldn’t it be nice to see the El Camino in production again?

Posted By on April 16, 2015


When I was in college I worked for a contractor who drove a car-based truck called the El Camino – it was usually seen hauling around a few missing items he had just picked up for the latest project. As I recall, it wasn’t the greatest car … or truck … but to me it represented the shirt and tie part of the company. When John arrived it was in contrast to the rest of the crews dirty and sweaty pick-up trucks and tool vans; he was in air-conditioned, soft seat comfort. On a Friday it also signified that our paychecks were being delivered by the boss and owner (or his wife). After those few summers, the Chevrolet El Camino disappeared (that 5th generation disappear after 1987) … soon to be replace by the SUV and the dressed up pick-up truck. I’m with Rafael below, maybe it is time for something different again?


Rafael Barkan represents the next generation of automotive enthusiasts and he wondered what happen to the El Camino? Maybe he’s a bit young and in that 6 to 11 year old demographic, but maybe it is time for the El Camino to make a comeback as one of the first hybrid car/trucks or something?  It would certainly stand out in the field of jacked and gussied up pick-ups and SUVs.


I’d like to see Chevrolet build and market one again … or even Ford with their Ranchero for that matter!


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