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Posted By on October 12, 2015

Lynwood Laboratories, Inc Shoo-Fly – save information and purchase link to be tried aboard Encore.

shooflyIt doesn’t matter what you call them—no-see-ums, gnats, sand fleas—yeah, you know who I mean … those maddening flying teeth! And it’s beyond belief how these little Houdinis can get through, or around, even the finest and most tightly-fit hatch and port screens. But not so much if you spray your screens with shoo-fly Screen & Surface Insect Spray. Turns out this repellant (unlike an insecticide) gives them an old-fashioned hot foot, burning their tiny feet as they land and try to gain entry. You can almost see the Disney or Pixar animators at work here … as the hordes land and then skyrocket back into the dusk, swearing and wondering what just happened. I have to admit, I laugh every time I imagine it! The downside is shoo-fly isn’t easy to find. Our best luck has been at local Ace or TrueValue hardware stores. So keep an eye out, the search is well worth the effort … and entertainment.


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