Return to work day for Brenda after her summer accident

Posted By on October 13, 2015

It’s been almost 10 weeks since Brenda fractured her pelvis and busted up her shoulder and today is “return to work day.” We are hoping she can tolerate it.

The physical therapy has gone well but it has been a challenging recovery in getting to this point. Brenda is exceedingly appreciative to one particular occupational therapist (Angie) who in Brenda’s opinion has made a big difference in getting most of her motion back without too much intolerable pain. We are optimistic and confident that she she will eventually have full use back.

Because Brenda does not read my blog, I’ll express a bit of my concern. She hasn’t been able to make additional progress recently in lifting her left arm above the 90 degree position. With assistance or if laying down, she can move her arm above the 90 degree position and can handle the above her head motion, but using her muscles in the left arm alone is a problem. It is as if there aren’t enough muscle fiber connected to the right places?

It is still premature for me to express my reservations for 100% recovery, but after her initial advancements every week I thought Brenda was going to defy the surgeon’s “80% prognosis.” Now I’m a tad more concerned over getting full use back and the lack of recent progress has me wondering if gaining full movement and strength is possible (way to early to give up tho).



On a totally different topic, I came across a couple crazy collectable items … both toys Katelyn had as a little girl … and I sort of wonder if we still have them?  Shocking prices IF the toys are in mint conditions: Cabbage Patch Kid and Teddy Ruxpin.



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