Unfortunately I’ve had Tootsie’s age wrong all these years

Posted By on October 5, 2015

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According to my records, we call October 5th Tootsie’s birthday … so Happy Birthday to “this man’s” best friend. It is possible to be off a few days when knowing a dogs birthday, but unfortunately I’ve had her age off for several years now – she is 17 (again)! Whoops … I added a year, but what a cutie our Australian Cattle Dog is, both when we got her (above right) and to this day (above left).

We know the years are fewer as at some point, dogs like people, don’t live forever. We are thankful she has been with us for 17 years and has been healthy her entire life. I am doing my best to make her last few years as comfortable as possible as her age is showing. Her spunk is no longer what is was when she was young (video clip below), her hips hurt, her hearing gone – been gone (genetic issue for Australian Cattle Dogs) — and her eyesight is pretty lousy.

Home video clips from pre-2000


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