Bengals 16 – Steelers 10. Not pretty but another win.

Posted By on November 2, 2015

This should have been a weekend working on autumn chores like raking leaves or closing the pool, but instead I tinkered around in the garage (and “on” the garage) on Saturday while the weather was “so-so” and then watched football on Sunday when the weather was nice. The excuse I'm using is that the Cincinnati Bengals were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is always an intense game and this weekend it was exactly that … although both teams made way too many mistakes. In the end the low score was a 16 -10 win for the Bengals keeping them 7-0 and undefeated. How games against the Steelers make fans uptight in Cincinnati (or for that matter, Cleveland — I'm still a Browns fan). Hm … Thursday night should be interesting with the battle for Ohio on Thursday Night Football.

Even though we've had plenty of frost and cool weather, the grass still looks green and humble looking rose bushes are still blooming around the house. Seems strange to see new flowering roses in November?



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