Comparing chip temperatures on the Raspberry Pi2 and P3

Posted By on April 15, 2016

Pi2_vs_Pi3_tempsSince I’m running a couple of Raspberry Pi computers 24/7 and have both the Pi2 and Pi3 forwarding their processor temps a couple times each day with a Python Twitter script, it has been interesting to compare the two boards.  Obviously the Pi3 is in every way faster at computing and running stock at 1200Mhz, whereas  the Pi2 is running accelerated from stock at 900Mhz (anything faster causes stablity problems).

vcgencmd get_config arm_freq && vcgencmd measure_temp

It isn’t really a fair comparison because the two computers are in different locations with different ambient temperatures and different loads. I expected the Pi2 to run a little hotter since it encodes and streams video during daylight hours? The Pi3 on the other hand is a low traffic webserver and not required to do all that much since cache pages don’t require compiling?

Since the little $5 heatsink hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll keep watching the temps to see how close to 90 degrees C the Raspberry Pi 3 continue to rise under processing load (set to visually alert).


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