Going through sentimental memory items with my brother

Posted By on April 18, 2016


While cleaning out my mom and dad’s house in preparation to sell it, my brother and I are getting bogged down looking through items my parents kept. Sunday’s "finds" were sentimental treasures that my mom kept tucked away in her memory box. There were items like my first pair of glasses, the leg tag for my daughter’s birth and even charms and birthday candles from my mom’s childhood. Interesting things to go through and keep, but just more stuff.

My dad’s items aren’t quite as sentimental, but he did have the birth VHS tape in a box I sent him from my son Taylor‘s birth… and it had Katelyn (3 years old) artwork on the box(above). He also had a collection of keys but who knows what they fit (below)? Unfortunately the keys I still need to find are missing, the one’s for the ’58 Packard Hawk!

Also there were several items they kept from my school days … like projects from shop class: sheet metal oil can, funnel and recipe box (below), as well as  woodworking and leatherwork. There are even several art class pottery items of which I thought were pretty good … until we ran across a clay pitcher made by my niece. Hm, I guess she got my grandmother and great uncle Ray’s artistic talent?  Our day was slow but we are making steady progress.

skelatonkeys sheetmetalrecipebox


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