Hot enough to put up the ShadeTree awning

Posted By on July 17, 2016

After buzzing down to Florida last week to show the condo in Delray Beach, I spent a couple days “hurricane prepping” Encore for the tropical weather likely to show up in a month or so (could happen any day now). My good friend Mark gave me a “sweaty” hand in getting the sails stowed away in the storage unit. It is so much easier with him helping … and they are folded much better than one person along can do (BTW, Encore’s oceans sails are much heavier than most other boats her size).

With the temperature closing in on 100 degrees and sunny, just hanging out on the dock or the boat is exhausting. Those who live in Florida say that this summer has been much hotter than previous years and there has been no relief. I can vouch for it being seriously HOT. I ended up rigging up my ShadeTree awning for the couple of days I was there and it helps. Unfortunately the fiberglass poles and bungee straps have seen better day — add some replacement to my list of things to do. The above photo is an iPhone panoramic looking aft from the center cockpit.


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