The morning or mourning after: Trump wins, Clinton concedes

Posted By on November 9, 2016


America woke up battered and bruised from what was the likely the nastiest election for president in my lifetime. I suspect most around the country are just glad it is over even if their candidate did not win. As seems to be the forced optimism after every election, leaders will say: “it is now time to heal our country; let us all unite in our commonalities; it is time to put aside the divisive rhetoric; we must roll up our sleeves to move our nation forward.” Just word to most of us, but helpful just the same.

Hillary Clinton started the process this morning by delivering a painful (to her and her supporters) concession speech and will be followed by President Obama putting out the diplomatic olive branch tomorrow by hosting President-Elect Donald J. Trump at the Whitehouse. CongressResults161109The peaceful transfer of power is surely one thing all Americans can take pride in.

The counting continues after most conclude Trump adding Wisconsin gives him the current 279 electoral votes and that pushed him over the 270 mark, although likely there will be a few more votes to add to the count (as of lunch on Wed., Nov 9, 2016). The down ballot victories for control of the House and Senate were also positive for a Republican president, giving him a unique opportunity to move his populous agenda (details?) forward without the added resistance from what could have been resistance if Democrats controlled congress. That said, the Republicans have lost seats and many in the senate and congress are not necessarily 100% onboard with President-Elect Donald Trump … so our new president would be wise to move swiftly and make the most of his honeymoon come January 2017 (if there is one?)



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