iRobot Verro has been the longest lasting automatic pool robot

Posted By on September 23, 2017

About the only replacement parts I’ve had to purchase for our iRobot Verro pool sweeper/ cleaner were the filter bags that go inside the housing. It has been the best of the pool cleaners we have had.


Originally we started our pool ownership with a hopping Kreepy Krauly gizmo for our first pool back in Hudson, Ohio (probably better for liner pools???) and then built in a Polaris "Pressure" pool cleaner in the early 2000s – requires plumbing and a separate pressure pump.  They all worked, but only the iRobot has lasted a long time and continues to run even with HEAVY filtering in the spring and excessive wear of the plastic housing. I’m looking for a couple new pieces or "may" try to epoxy some kind of wear strips and repair this winter? Unfortunately I think it is close to 15 years old and if something electrical fails, it will be time to look for a replacement.


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