Weather wise, October weekends do not get much better

Posted By on October 30, 2016


What a great autumn weekend in Cincinnati. We had a gorgeous sky last night although the panorama photo mode on my "aging" iPhone 5s doesn’t do it justice.

RichCSplitWood161029 RichCSplittingWood161029

Saturday was spend enjoying the outdoors as besides mowing the backyard, I "chipped away" at my wood pile by splitting and ended up cutting a few more dead trees down. I posted to Facebook that years ago when I stocked up the barn with wood in Hudson Ohio that I don’t recall being this sore? Of course I was in my 20s and early 30s when we heated with wood yet back then I only had a splitting maul and a wedge to do the job — now I’m lazy and use my wood splitter. I am still more sore now than I was then!  Obviously I’m out of shape (and a few years older).

Our old 5 acre property in Hudson Ohio courtesy of Google Maps 2016


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