Music Monday: From the Beatles to the Sheatles

Posted By on March 12, 2018

Music listening took a quirky turn for this Music Monday after running across an odd social media posted photo of what was dubbed the "Sheatles," for Sheatlesobvious reasons. Besides being a weird Beatles mash-up photo of the original "Fab Four" from the 1960s and having mention them when listening to a podcast earlier this year … it started me thinking about their music and how it did or didn’t impact me in their together years? To be honest, Beatles music was not all that influential on me as they were before my time, for the most part and those who continued to perform separately from the group were just older musicians.

One of my best friends seemed to gravitate toward counter-culture types, was a bit more interested in 1960s music and in particular the talented John Lennon. For me, if I had to relate to one of them, it would have probably been Paul McCartney for his popularity with the 1970s group Paul McCartney and Wings. It was a "pop music" sound that was upbeat, melodic and did not have the deep lyrics for the most part.


While contemplating what ONE song I would pick from the Beatles long list of 305 recordings, it might as well be A Day in the Life, but I’m also going to include Let It Be … and ok, since I mention the "talented" John Lennon, I’ll add his Imagine since it is right in front of me! WonderYears

  Beatles | A Day In The Life
  Beatles | Let It Be
  John Lennon | Imagine

And why not include one more, but that was also recorded by another musician (Joe Cocker) that was the theme song of one of my favorite television shows, The Wonder Years.

  Joe Cocker | With A Little
        Help From My Friends

Even better … The Wonder Years was inspired by my favorite holiday television show … A Christmas Story!

From the coming-of-age theme to the use of narration, A Christmas Story inspired the spirit of The Wonder Years. Peter “Ralphie” Billingsley even appeared in the series’s final two episodes as one of Kevin’s roommates.



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