Dreams are possible when you devote your life to them

Posted By on April 19, 2018


Throwback Thursday #TBT: A lot of my free time in high school and college was spent dreaming about sailing living on a sailboat.  I read and reread stories, the monthly magazines and bookshelves of accumulated nautical books about cruising, seamanship and maintaining a sailboat — I was focused on “would be possible for me to live the cruising sailing lifestyle?”

In those early years, there were a few couples who captured making the live-aboard lifestyle (on a shoestring) possible as well as Lin and Larry Pardey. They kept my interest piqued year after year … Trading Patience - Timeand renewed it time and time again even as my ordinary life got in the way.

If you’ve read my blog through the years, you would have noticed that I’ve included posts, book segments and videos about the Pardeys before, but including this video leaves me a bit melancholy as we are ALL watching the sand pile grow larger at the bottom of life’s hourglass. Upbeat as always Lin shared a positive comment from Larry, just before his memory completely disappeared. She mention to him a couple years ago that wouldn’t it be nice to have one more sailing adventure … to which he replied … “that would be downright greedy.” What a life they have lived.


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