Congratulations to Taylor’s friend Alicia and Laureano

Posted By on April 18, 2018

I have teased my “good humored” son far too long about his “girlfriend” from Wayzata Minnesota a few years ago (click here for old photo). So with that “old joke” aside, I think it is about time to officially include his friend Megan on MeganTaylor180414the blog and mention we are excited to see them spending a lot of time together.

Megan is not a new face to our family, as we’ve known her since she figure skated with my daughter Katelyn. Age-wise, Megan was younger than Katelyn … actually about Taylor‘s age. The “skating gang” was often together since they practiced nearly every day before school and traveled to skating competitions. The skaters, their parents and siblings all became friends as part of the Queen City Figure Skating Club and many of us stayed in touch over the years.

As the kids all grew up, they headed off in different directions. Off to different colleges, meeting spouses and taking jobs in different cities. We remained friends with many of the parents and have included them in Christmas card exchanges as well as milestone celebrations. Megan’s mom was particularly notable for her extremely thoughtful and crafty gifts, cards, etc and made an effort to stay in touch. I’m not sure how Taylor and Megan reconnected since she is in Columbus and Taylor is in Cincinnati, but both Brenda and I are thrilled to see the two of them enjoying time together and dating.

This past weekend they attended the wedding of one of Taylor best friends and sent us a few photos (above) from the reception. Having known Alicia since grade school (???), Brenda and I wish both her and Laureano our congratulations (Married April 14, 2018).



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