Music Monday: Top charting single by The Marshall Tucker Band

Posted By on April 2, 2018

This Music Monday post has been in the "to be included folder" for a while now. This week since I’ve been pre-occupied with taxes, packing and some organizationMarshallTuckerBand_AlbumCov, I pulled it out to both listen to it again and post.

Back when I was in college, my taste in music ranged from what was popular music in the 70s (excluding acid rock and disco) … to folk, blues, jazz and more and more country music. Mostly southern country music continued to blend the above sounds as younger listeners preferred less twang and a little more popular rock and roll flavor. I fell right into that eclectic Southern Rock genre and listen to much of what was being recorded including The Marshall Tucker Band. To my parents approval, I avoided most music with loud screaming electric guitars and equally loud screaming voices.
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Below is Heard It in a Love Song, a fan favorite by The Marshall Tucker Band from their 1978 Greatest Hits album but release on their Carolina Dreams album the year before.

  Heard It in a Love Song | The Marshall Tucker Band1977



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