Pay attention to the toothpaste tube size vs the box size

Posted By on June 27, 2018


Colgate is my usual go-to toothpaste, although generally prefer the old fashion white and am partial to baking soda … but I’m off topic. My gripe is that their recent packaging (at least so I’ve noticed) is terribly misleading. After opening the normal large sized toothpaste box, I noticed it was WAY larger than the very small 4.0 oz tube. Likely if I would have read 4 ounces, I would have probably put it back … but I was in a hurry and, marketing being what it is, the box size really mislead me. Disappointing.

CrestWill it be enough for me to switch brands or just pay more attention? (probably should be buying Crest a Proctor and Gamble brand since it is Cincinnati based and because we own $PG stock anyway)


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