Catching up with archiving several family weekend photos

Posted By on September 12, 2018

Keeping track of photos with so many JPGs archived on SD cards, phones, computers, cloud storage services and a never-ending variety of social media platforms makes archiving a challenge. I regularly post a few favorites to MyDesultoryBlog as a sort of timeline of events in order to remember what happened when. Post and share too much … and the photos becomes overwhelming … not enough and family photos or memories Taylor_SchniedersOSUGame180908slip through the cracks. Unlike the day of hard-copy photo albums, I think it is more challenging nowadays to keep up with them?


Here are four photos sent to me by my kids this weekend: 1) Annalyn waiting on her 18 month doctor appointment, 2) Taylor, Megan and her parents in Columbus watching the Ohio State Buckeye’s football game last weekend, and 3 & 4 Annalyn, Katelyn and Drew from one of their summer 2018 trips to Put-In-Bay (below). Love them all … the photos too! 🙂



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