Oh happy day – a FaceTime with Annalyn and Katelyn

Posted By on September 6, 2018


The greatest thing about being a grandpa, or Bompa, as Annalyn called me on her own for the first time, is that I had a permanent smile the rest of the day. She had a great time showing me a few new things and a really cute book for her 2-day per week Montessori school (it is so nice, Katelyn made two). The teachers wanted to get to know the families using photos so Katelyn put together a bound book of family photos from birth to 18 months. MariaB_Dad_Sis_pizzada-ysAmazing the change as she leafed thru them page by page in chronological order for me on the video chat.

Brenda and I are looking forward to a time alone babysitting Annalyn later this month as Katelyn will join Drew for a weekend in NYC after his medical conference; I suspect they will do the tourist thing while in the city. Maybe I’ll see if my friend Maria Bartiromo and @FoxBusiness acquaintances  have a few questions to ask an up and coming Hematologist (Dr Drew) and the "best Pediatrician in NE Ohio (Dr Katelyn)" of course I’m biased. Maybe they would enjoy a visit to the FoxNews studio or maybe a piece of Maria’s dad’s famous pizza?

Thanks again my Facetime girls … it was great and was only sorry mom was out shopping and missed the happy pair!


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