ISS & FaceTime with Annalyn brightens an otherwise sour day

Posted By on October 11, 2018

DJIAtumble181010With the stock market tumble on Wednesday and Hurricane Michael ravaging Florida’s Panhandle, I was in the mood to post something positive … but what? 

Dow Industrials plunge more than 800 points, Nasdaq loses 4% in biggest decline in months

I contemplated talking about how impressive it was to view the International Space Station (ISS) passing over our house the past couple of clear nights. I’ve tried to look at it before, but Tuesday night was by far the most visible. On Tuesday night it passed directly overhead and was still lit up by the sun, which was well below "my" viewpoint horizon, but obviously not below  those on the ISS 240 miles overhead. It was so incredibly bright that a photo of the fast moving satellite could be taken with my iPhone7plus (below).


but then that was eclipsed (pun intended) … by a FaceTime call from our granddaughter Annalyn. What a welcomed smile and enjoyable time listening to her say her name and our names (Bompa and Oma) … and even count to ten (with mommy’s help). She is growing up way too fast.



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