Autumn chores and dinner for our Red Tailed Hawk

Posted By on November 5, 2018

RedTailedHawkStill181104It seems later in the season that usual to be just starting to rake leaves and get in a final mow before winter, but the weather was dry after a long stretch of rain, so chores for me it was. My back is now sore and contemplating taking an Advil as the muscle tighten. There will be more leaves to do since half are still hanging in the trees.

While cutting the backyard on Sunday afternoon, our usually shy Red Tailed Hawk trapped mouse for his dinner but was bold enough to let me take a few photos and video; I sensed he did not want to give up his prize? (here is a different banded hawk from a few years ago)

Once again, I’m amazed at just how far our smartphones have advanced in the past decade with video stabilization and nearly HD quality sensors. The above was captured with my iPhone 7 plus (not even the current generation from Apple) and unedited besides the fade in and out transitions while compressing with Handbrake in order to compress and stream from the web. 


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