Finally joining the smartwatch and Fitbit wearer club

Posted By on June 26, 2019

The plan was to post an update on the terrific 30th (Taylor) 60th (Rich) birthday weekend celebration with the whole family planned by Katelyn on Put-In-Bay last weekend … RichNewFitBit190624but I’ve been too busy to get my photos and thoughts together.

So this will just be a smallish update highlighting the Fitbit Versa that Katelyn, Drew and Annalyn gave me. I have not worn a watch for over 25 years … or about the time I started wearing pager on my belt. Katelyn has been enjoying hers smartwatches, the latest a Fitbit Versa too,  so I think she realized that it might be that perfect accessory;  it does some “smart things” but doesn’t try to do everything (like Brenda’s Apple Watch). So far I’m shocked just how much I’m enjoying the feedback and health tracking … and it has been encouraging enough to make me focus on watching my heartrate, steps, stairs and POOR sleep habits (I blame Brenda). 🙂 All in all, I’m anxious to wear and use it, in fact I’ve already bought a new “weather” watch face for $1.59 … not the best for weather, but at least the time is easier to read.

So thank you KDA for such a nice birthday gift and I’ll work on getting a belated “last weekend Put-In-Bay post together with photos soon (but here’s one of all of us!). 

Megan, Drew, Annalyn, Katelyn, Rich, Brenda and Taylor


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