A big thanks to Taylor for planning a Reds-Indians family day

Posted By on July 6, 2019


Thanks Taylor for planning and my family for spending an extended birthday weekend over the 4th of July. We all enjoyed the great time together as a family at Great American Ballpark watching my two favorite MLB team battle it out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon – Cleveland 7 – Reds 2 final score. We are a mixed family of team loyalties since both Katelyn and Taylor were born in Cleveland and we spent part of our lives there … but for the last 20+ years we have lived in Cincinnati. I justify my loyalties by cheering for both an American League team (Indians) and a National League team (Reds). Supporting both, I wore an Inidans shirt and a Reds ballcap to the game on Saturday. What a great time and terrific 60th birthday gift –RBT_RedsIndians190706 outstanding seat with great food in the FoxSports


We had a “Grr-ific time”… as Annalyn’s buddy Daniel the Tiger would say. Attaching a couple more photos below to this post … and one of the two Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor’s solo homeruns … from my iPhone7plus!



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