Tech Friday: Screen Time and Classical Conditioning

Posted By on August 30, 2019

When my granddaughter was here for a week earlier this month, I purposely turn off the phone after noticing that she hears the smallest beep or phone vibration in my pocket then stops what we are doing expecting me to check it. ScreenTimeiOS1908Yikes, are we are teaching 2 year old toddlers that our devices are more important than them?

Likely I am not alone in regularly checking my device when hearing a beep or vibration on devices … or habitually scrolling messages, emails, newsfeeds and social media posts when sitting idle for more than a few seconds. I don’t like it, don’t think it is healthy z2TYQtc481-2and I need to regain control. I am not Pavlov’s dog.

So, while Annalyn was here, I decided it was time to turned the phone off. I really didn’t miss it, but unfortunately I am right back to my old ways and am am permitting my devices to send me way too many daily interruptions – do I really need 1325 notifications in a week (beeps/pop-ups)?  (last week’s Apple Screen Time app snip)


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