Productive home chores weekend while watching Dorian

Posted By on September 3, 2019

The approaching hurricane kept my attention this Labor Day weekend (writing this for Tuesday on Sunday) as there was really nothing I could do to prepare the condo in Delray Beach or our boat Encore (in the water) in preparation for the approaching storm. Likely when this posts, we will either have dodged a bullet or be preparing to pick up the pieces. Yes, my stomach is currently knotted.

AirToolStorage190901Nevertheless, here in Cincinnati the weather was nearly perfect for my home and yard chore list. The weather was pleasant, sky mostly overcast and fire piles both ready to be burned (Honeysuckle and variety of trees cuttings dry enough to burn). I spent most of Saturday hauling them from the back and front and tended the fire throughout the day. I attacked a dead and dying Hawthorn tree (wicked monster thorns) and added them to the fire. I received several painful thorn stabs and one in my thumb and wrist are now likely infected (and painful).

We had occasional thunderstorms so took that time to finalize some better "handy" storage in the workshop for a couple of my air tools – Long nose stapler, narrow gauge long wire stapler and my brad nailer.  Although keeping them in my power tool cabinet made sense, they are much handier to grab next to the compressor hose.

EDIT: Labor Day weekend is also Cincinnati’s big fireworks day of the year as Western & Southern Financial Group and WEBN put on a great display. Below is the last minute of fireworks from WKRC Channel 12:


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