Happy Birthday to a great mom and best daughter in the world

Posted By on May 14, 2020


Happy Birthday to my daughter Katelyn … and greatest mom to our granddaughters Annalyn and Ellerie. Have a special day my #1 daughter … you’ve most surely earned it this year!

The “I’m 12 Weeks Old” photo we just received needed to be Photoshopped just a bit, which we’ll chalk up as a “second child fail” on the part her parents – Katelyn blamed Drew (Ha!) – but in any case, it was an excellent smiling photo of mother and daughter. Hopefully after the Photoshop tweaking – and the passing of time – the fact they had the wrong card in the photo will go unnoticed. 😛

Since above is a recent photo of Ellerie, I might as well include a photo of my other beautiful granddaughter Annalyn (snipped from a dancing practice video yesterday). I sure love them both … well actually ALL THREE girls in the photos! 



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