Later and more work than usual in opening the pool this year

Posted By on May 26, 2020


It is never as easy as expected? I’m accustom to opening the pool each season now that I’ve been doing it for 20+ years in Cincinnati and another 5 or so in Hudson before that. Each season it should get easier, right? Nope. PoolRebuildingPump200524There always something … and the job is MUCH more challenging to do by myself as my age inches ever higher (Brenda says it is all in my mind … then asks if my life insurance policy is paid up – kidding, she’s only thinking that!)


Anyway this year again … the spring rain added some silt and extra worms to the pool. On top of that, the pool pump that was making noise last year, corroded enough to freeze up (corrosion above – new motor above left). Thankfully, I have learned a few things over the years and knew those motor bearing would eventually need to be rebuilt again, so I planned ahead and purchase a new pump motor last year. Smart.

Still the removal and rebuilding of the pump motor cut into my already long day of opening the pool. Thankfully by the end of the long day, the pump is now running smoothly, the first layer of silt sucked out and cover is folded (I’ll wait for Taylor to help move it up on the storage shelf – although I’m not sure why I put it up high???)

Also reworked the electrical and added some clean wire and crimped terminals.


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