Nothing like a heavy and steady rain to add to our water woes

Posted By on May 19, 2020


The heavy rain overnight continued to add to our COVID19 spring misery, as SW Ohio is under flood warning. The warning started last night and after double checking our Zoeller pumps (shouldn’t really expecting them to do much considering just how much rain comes down). Two of the pumps keep our basement from flooding and two more “try” to deal with the run-off retention area in the backyard. 


We woke up this morning to even more rain and water levels I don’t recall seeing this high before or the gazebo nearly floating since Hurricane Ike? Someone is going to experience flooding … let’s just hope we don’t have a repeat of 2013! (photos front and backyard)

Brenda asked, “did something change this past year allowing more water to accumulate in our backyard or overflow the lake?” I don’t think so, but we did have a new road project … and our neighbors continue to work on their drainage, but neither should be adding to our “water woes.” I’ve added a third temporary pump (a spare) to the retention pit just for some extra capacity. When the downpours slow … we do gain ground (“although saturated ground” – that was my attempt at a joke).



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