Currently my favorite podcast: Streetwise by Jack Hough

Posted By on June 17, 2020

Podcasts have been around for a while now and I suspect I”m like most people, it is an on again, off again listening affair; finding or making time to them can be challenging. The iPhones and Android phones do make Best-Podcast-aniit easy to archive episodes and listen on the go, but unless you are in the habit of listening to the content, the podcasts can pile up.

I’ve mentioned Mike Rowe and his “The Way I Heard It” recordings before and they are always enjoyable, but with “limited time and a short attention span” as Mike’s tagline emphasizes, I don’t always listen to them, at least in a timely manor. Also, the more I listen to them back to back, Streetwisepodcastthe more they fattened up with advertising and jibber-jabber (no offense Mike). I still enjoy the stories, but “like lot posts,” they can drone on (no offense RichC!). With that, here’s my current favorite podcast.

Get the lowdown on high finance each week with Barron’s columnist Jack Hough. Business leaders and trendspotters, insights and absurdities—this is Wall Street like you’ve never heard before.

Barron’s magazine is a weekly read for me and I even have their Numbers by Barron’s audio as part of my Alexa wake up routine. Jack Hough is a column writer that I turn to first when a new issue arrives – his column is called Streetwise. Like Mike Rowe, he can fill the column and a podcast with a mix interesting thoughts and memories. Unlike Mike, Jack also has concise financial facts/opinion and interviews with respected financial leaders and company CEOs. Recently his podcast (since March 2020) has included the audio exchanges in a  well done podcast called, of all things, Streetwise. I often think his personal retentiveness is tailored precisely for me and my desultory tastes.

 Streetwise: Are Home Buyers Heading to the Suburbs? (mp3) | 6/12/2020

Last weekend’s podcast titled  “Are Home Buyers Heading to the Suburbs?” had a mix of insight on trends from knowledgeable real estate people like Yale economist Robert Shiller, CEO of Redfin (a great early read on real estate numbers) and homebuilder Taylor Morrison. YukonCornelius_sJack has a way of making his interviews feel pretty casual, yet can sneak in economic and investing tidbits which help the self-investor navigate the complexity of making better financial decisions.

His final podcast segment is usually the most enjoyable. His banter and teasing with his audio producer Mette Lützhøft (and her flat reaction) is just the right amount to keep a stodgy conversations light. She usually reads (and plays the audio) from listeners who ask questions of Jack. Probably an audience who is simpatico with me and my thoughts? A recent question was about Gold as a part of one’s portfolio and as a inflationary hedge.

  Jack Hough – audio snippet
Yukon Cornelius and Gold

As usual, the answer was not without a memory trigger … this time Yukon Cornelius (voice by actor Larry D. Mann). It just so happened that Annalyn and Bompa were playing “Trolls” and with the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer characters in Katelyn’s Barbie dollhouse the previous weekend as we do whenever she is visiting.


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