A special breaching round is used in shotguns to destroy locks, knobs and hinges, then immediately disperse into powder

Posted By on July 19, 2020

I learned something new about firearms when reading and posting about the Coconut Rifle and it was interesting enough to me to include on the blog this week.

1st_Recon_Conducts_Breaching_Exercise_140610-M-ED261-003Did you know Law Enforcement and the military (US Marine practicing in photo) uses something called a breaching round in their shotguns or accessory attachment like the “MasterKey” in order to enter locked doors?

The round is made of frangible copper or metal powder and fused together. It blasts the lock/hinges and then crumbles apart so as not to endanger people behind or around the door … but is lethal if fired at a human target.


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