Music Monday: The Box Tops – The Letter (1967)

Posted By on August 31, 2020

Brenda started to sing along to a song that was on in the intro or background of a movie or TV show were were watching a couple weeks agoLevels 126 (don’t recall the show). I looked over and asked, “How do you remember this song … it was before our time?”  She replied that she thought it was a song from the 1970’s … our era. I raised my eyebrows in question as to the timeframe … “no, I don’t think so.”

Now, I’ve heard and know the song “The Letter” but honestly could not name the group which “first” made it popular – The Box Tops in 1967. I also knew from the sound that it was vintage 1960s, but really didn’t know much about it without looking it up … which I quickly did in order to prove my wife was off-base (what a terrible husband). 🙂 She replied with the excuse that “I had an older sister and brother so likely heard them listening to it.” Well, that’s probably true … now if my nephew Aaron is reading, what are the chances your dad could sing this … or for that matter my “slightly older” buddy Mark Jones?


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